Tips On How to Build a Windmill

If you’re already sick of your high electricity bills then here’s some good news for you. By taking advantage of the potential of building your own windmill, you can literally cut off your electricity bills in half once and for all.

In today’s energy crisis, it is advisable for us to look for alternative energy sources like windmills and solar panels. That’s why learning how to build a windmill is quite practical especially when you also want to reduce your electricity bills.

Here are some requirements before you build a windmill

First, you need to find a spot of at least 1 acre where you can place your windmill. You shouldn’t place your windmill in a small spot because obviously if you place your windmill in a smaller area your windmill won’t capture enough wind pressure to produce electricity.

Next, you should make sure that your area has an average wind speed of eleven miles per hour. Avoid placing your windmill where it could be blocked and make sure you place it in an area that has consistent wind speed.

Here are the following parts of a windmill:

1. Base – This is the one that holds everything in place

2. Shaft – This part is the one that connects the tower and the blades. This is also the one responsible for making the windmill rotate.

3. Tower – This is the elongated part that puts the windmill high enough to receive sufficient amount of wind pressure.

4. Blades – This is the one responsible for making wind energy. This part can be made of wood or plastic.

How to Build a Windmill

If it’s your first time to build a windmill, then I advise you to either consult an expert, grab a windmill guide that can help you, or both.

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