About Me

Hey there, thanks for checking out my website that I dedicate to guys who want to build their own homemade windmill and reduce their electricity bills.

In case you’re wondering who’s behind this website, I’m Mike Coleman and I really love building alternative sources of energy like windmills and solar panels.

I mean, who doesn’t want to cut off their electric bills right?

So anyway,

Why Did I Create This Website?

To tell you the truth, I created this website to give guys like you the right information on building your own alternative energy sources (there are lots of information out there that will give you crappy guides – believe me, I’ve been there!)

Another reason why I created this website is because I fell inlove with building my own windmills and solar panels. In fact, I’m planning to build a business out of it! (yep, you can make your own windmills and then sell them to other people :)

There you go, I hope you find my website useful. Check out my articles as it contains a lot of useful tips in building your homemade windmill!

Talk Soon,